Organizing Committee

Fall 2014 update: While the cross-divisional organizing committee has been dissolved, the initiative's vision continues to be advanced by ad-hoc cross-divisional teams.

Committee Members

The organizing committee for the LBNL Integrated Bioimaging Initiative included representatives from all interested LBNL Divisions and the Biosciences Area Directorate, and attempted to cover the entire multi-scale spectrum. The committee was co-led by
Gary Karpen and Damir Sudar of the Life Sciences Division and Paul Adams of the Physical Biosciences Division. Members:

Paul Adams – (Co-lead) Physical Biosciences Division, Joint BioEnergy Institute, and Advanced Light Source

Manfred Auer – Life Sciences Division, Joint BioEnergy Institute

Mark Biggin – Genomics Division

Bruce Cohen – Materials Sciences Division, Molecular Foundry

Dan Fletcher - Physical Biosciences Division

William Jagust – Life Sciences Division

Gary Karpen (Co-Lead) – Life Sciences Division

Stephen Kevan - Advanced Light Source

Carolyn Larabell – Physical Biosciences Division, Advanced Light Source

Mary Maxon – LBNL Biosciences Directorate

Peter Nico – Earth Sciences Division, Advanced Light Source

Trent Northen – Life Sciences Division

David Skinner – NERSC

Damir Sudar (Co-lead) – Life Sciences Division

Daniela Ushizima – Computational Research Division

Administrator: Ciccina Guagliardo

Contact Us

Contact the committee via / 510-486-6490.